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19''~24'' General Display LCD screens

A grade, new, original, 12months warranty
Brand Name: AUO
Items: 19'' 1280x1024 LCD screens
          21.5'' 1920x1080 LCD screen

          22'' 1680x1050 LCD screen

          24'' 1920x1080 LCD screen

Touch Panel: Resistive/Capacitive Touch screen optional 

PCB Control Board: AV/VGA/HDMI/DVI ports

Lead time:2~4 weeks

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General display applications include ATM, POS, Kiosk, IPC (Industrial PC), security systems, lottery and gambling gaming machines, medical equipment, factory automation (FA), digital advertisement signage, transportation information, marine and outdoor displays. Our products are uniquely designed with high brightness, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, wide temperature operation, longer lamp life, and lower power consumption. Advanced technologies such as free-from, curved, and transparent LCD are adopted for a variety of new applications.

19'' 1280x1024 LED backlight LCD panel G190EG01 V1

19'' 1280x1024 600nits industrial LCD screen G190EG02 V0

19'' 1280x1024 free angle LCD display G190EG02 V1

19'' 1680x342 ultra-wide LCD display G190SF01 V0

19'' 1680x342 MVA ultra wide LCD screen G190SVT01.0

19'' 1280 x 1024 LCD panel G190ETN01.0,TFT type,LED backlight

19'' 1280 x 1024 industrial display LCD screen G190ETN01.2

19'' 1280x1024 AHVA LCD display panel G190EAN01.0

21.5'' 1920x1080 LCD display screen G215HVN01.0

21.5'' 1920x1080 industrial display LCD screen G215HVN01.1

22'' 1680x1050 P-MVA display LCD screen G220SVN01.0

24'' 1920x1080 industrial display LCD screen G240HW01 V0

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